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General context and purposes of the project

There is a significant number of people with disabilities including students in public and private higher education fighting to complete their studies, under challenging conditions.The EESI-Digi Project that will be implemented in Italy, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, which are countries with limited opportunities for accessibility to the labor
market for people with disabilities, has an overall scope of developing a methodology consisted of web tools, mechanisms and policies able to facilitate vulnerable groups of disabled and disadvantaged students to complete their studies and reach employment and at the same time create incentives and conditions for SMEs to generate more jobs with improved accessibility and quality for vulnerable groups. The project aims to build inclusive higher education systems, through inclusive approaches for the mobility and cooperation activities such as digital collaborative platform for exchanging training material, courses, policies and any research findings, custom to the accessibility specifications for people with disabilities.

Kick off Transnational Meeting

During 30th-31st May 2022 the first project meeting of the EESI-Digi was hosted in beautiful Budapest, Hungary, by ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University), with the participation of the whole partnership: University of Patras as project leader, and I.E.R.F.O.P., COCEMFE and Vilniaus University as entity partners. During the meeting, the first project activities to be carried out by the organisations were discussed, starting with the identification of SwD needs.