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EESI-DIGI Erasmus Project

The aim of this project is to enable students with disabilities complete their studies, and get trained especially on digital skills, that will equip them with those qualifications to overcome existing skilling gaps, considering the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The outputs of this project will concentrate both on the development content of trainings and communication of results to distribution channels and associated stakeholders.
Provided that higher education facilitates people with disabilities with more qualifications and opportunities to enter the labour market, it is critical to enhance those pedagogical methods, mostly in terms of skilling-up and training on practical digital qualifications, that may enable disabled students counterbalance any gaps and disabilities and obtain more opportunities to find descent jobs. This priority aims to support SwD to build their capacity and acquire employment-related skills during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inline with the Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education horizontal priority, this project aims to promote social inclusion and improving the outreach to students in higher education with fewer opportunities, addressing mainly students with disabilities (SwD).

Develop a methodology consisted of web tools, mechanisms and policies able to facilitate vulnerable groups of disabled and disadvantaged students to complete their studies and reach employment.



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